Telecom Operator Market Vs Myanmar

Today Myanmar is growing and develop in digital especially in Telecom sector. Instantaneously in Telecom sector, on the other hand the smart phone market is also recently develop.
Before year of 2000 in Myanmar, one member of each family can use phone according not development and the other facts is low in income level of family. At that time people are usually difficult to contact each other because of high price for sim Card. At that time, the sim price over 25 Lakhs for one card. So, the rich people and business men can use the phone.

The sim card price was decreased when the administrated of president U Thein Sein as in 1500 MMK (only one thousand and five hundred) kyats but people need to apply to government and wait for their turn.

When the administration period of Daw Aung San Su Kyi, the telecom operators are competitive and openly and growly in Market. People can buy the sim card at the any branch of telecom operators. Not only at official branch, but also easily to buy at the street broker.
The big side effect is we can not get the right data of user. Some brokers are register with the fake name and the re sell to market as the already registered sim. So, some criminal case and suspect case, the police department can not trace who break the crime, who is the suspect with easily.

Last few month ago, some sanatory applied to the Legislatures to registration for sim card. Because if we the digital technique for criminal case, it is easier to operate the process with save the time with exactly data.
There are four main telecom operators in Myanmar such MPT, Telenor, Ooredoo and Mytel.
MPT telecom operator is leading in telecom market and the second Mytel operator. Although Mytel operator is the last in Market, but it leading the market with second level. The third is Telenor and the last is Ooredoo. Nowadays, the telecom operators are fascinated with many promotions. We think , the strategy will lead the market.

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