U Bein Bridge, Longest and Oldest Teak Wood Bridge in the world

The U Bein Bridge is one of the tourist attraction places of Myanmar because of it has over 165 years olds since it was built on 1850. Another name of U Bein Bridge called Taungthaman Bridge because it was built across Taungthaman Lake and the 1.2-kiltometre (0.75 mi) long and this project started since 1849 and completely finished on 1851. It is located in Amarapura, Mandalay Division in Myanmar.

The Bridge was built with the teak wood from old royal palace in Inwa and at first used with 984 teak wood pillars and then now 1,086 pillars because the wood pillars replacement at the brick pillars at the start and end part of Bridge. According the historical status, U Bein Bridge project was lead by King Bagan of Mayor and his clark Mg Bein that why called U Bein Bridge.
The ancient Myanmar Engineer did not used any engineering tools at that time and they measure with feet step and to be resistance and prevent from the weather they built with curve design. There have four public rest house and the nine lane for King’s catamaran. After Second World War , being the river flood it was destroyed and one of the member of Parliament who is U Ba Thi maintain this bridge. In 1973, over 80 pillars are destroyed and at that time Mahar Gandaryoun Sayardaw and his people save and maintained again.

Nowadays U Bein Bridge is one of the most tourist attraction places of Mandalay, especially in Sun rise time and Sun Set time. The fresh air are not only relax but also active and the view is amazing. When you feel the amazing feeling when you walk on it. Not only tourist but also local people are rest on it in the evening and some are shooting the photos. So we would like to suggest you, if you want to try the new feeling on longest teak wood Bridge, do not miss to go U Bein Bridge.

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