Incredibly Beautiful Sense of Naunghkio Cloud Sea

In golden land Myanmar, there are at least 3 of cloud sea and among them Naunghkio is the famous one and cheap the travel cost than the other. The main three cloud sea are Mount Vitoria’ cloud sea, Northern Kachin state’s cloud sea and Naunghkio Cloud Sea.
We would like to present about the Naunghkio’s Cloud Sea.
Naunghkio was located at the Kyaukme District of northern Shan State.
People can see the cloud sea in winter season along the Dokthawadi River at dawn period early morning 5 AM to 10 AM. Some of native travel take heed about the Cloud Sea and then people call of Naunghkio Cloud Sea and nowadays many local and global traveler go there. The place to see the cloud sea high 2800 feet above the sea level.
How to go to Naunghkio

At first, you have to go to Naunghkio township and the cloud sea far 12 miles from it. From Naunghkio to 7 miles Yatsaut- Taung Gyi High way. And then you have to go to Thayat Knoe Monastery and then go along the road to Naunghkio village. The road is very rough and from the Naunghkio village to the place of Cloud Sea for one hour by motorcycle.

There are 3 camp services. Original U Tun Shwe camp, Cloud Sea 1 and Cloud Sea 2. For this cloud sea trip, you can join with Local travel agency or backpacker travel.
You can stay and rest there with your plan or you can rent mat and camp. The champ charges from minimum 20000 Kyats and a little bit expensive in some time (ex. Crowded). You don’t need to carry for food, because the native people are very innocent with the fair price.
The amazing beauty of nature are refresh and boost energy from our daily stress.

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