Mandalay Kingdom City

Madalay is the second largest city and the commercial of Upper Myanmar. It was the famous, crowed and hotshot kingdom city of Myanmar. The last king Thipaw and his family stayed there before they arrest by Colonial British.
Mandalay is one of the tourist attractions cities in Myanmar because it had many tour destinations in there.

Wall palace ground and Moat – it is one of the figureheads of Mandalay and the wall made by qualification bricks and the moat is always flow with water from Sel daw Gyi Dam and those water for the drinking for people who live near the palace.
Royal Palace – one of the historical places for Myanmar people with proudly about their King. It was built King of Mindon.
Sandar Muni Pagoda built by Botaw Phaya and also buit Kantaw Mingalar Lake near the pagoda, this lake is attractive because it was built with 10 billion and 9 million bricks and 55 depths.

Kuthodaw Pagoda or Maharlawka Marazein Pagoda or world largest book made by marbles stone. Each marble slice sculpts with the words of Buddha (Dhamma Word).
Mandalay Hill – the hill is north of Mandalay and you can see the beautiful scenery view at the top of Mandalay hill. Shan Yoma mountain range in the east, West of the Irrawaddy River and Mingun, Royal Palace and moat by clearly. We would like to suggest to go there and see the city of how beautiful.
Shwe Inn pin Brick Monastery built with teak stem. You can see the amazing art of Myanmar architecture
Shwe Nandaw Kyaung (or) Golden Monastery and very nice place to learn about the hand art of Myanmar such curving, sculpture on wood and some architect art at teak monastery-temple.
The jade pagoda was built with the eal jade of Myanmar since 2012 and 103 feet in height and ed for more than a thousand tons of jade.
That why above these places are very highlight and tour attraction palace of Myanmar.

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