Knowledge for Why amazing Golden Rock for Tourist

Have you ever heard about the amazing golden rock ? It is pagoda and enshrine the hair relic of Buddha. It is one of the tourist attractions highlight places of Myanmar.
The first highlight is its’ location
It located at the Kyaik Hto township of Mon State in Myanmar and on the Punlaung Range and one amazing thing is the pagoda’s situation at the peak of thirty-three mountains. It located at the 3600 feet of Sea level. The eco traveler and many tourists are visit there for its’ location.

Ways to the peak
First way is by hiking track with safety. The drivers are too many experiences in hiking driving and qualified safety training.
Second way is by walking, it is too tired but you can get the fresh nature feeling and you can see the strange botanical tree. There are 33 camps to reach to the peak from the Kinmon Sakna (Foot of a hill).

  1. Kim Moon Sakhan
  2. Elephant Draw Road (SinSwe Street)
  3. Narrowest Station ( Yay Myaung Kalay in Burmese)
  4. Drone base (Yone Pin)
  5. Sweet Camp (Danyin Pin)
  6. Grand Camp (Mayantaung)
  7. Pure camp together (Sin Pyun Pin)
  8. Choked gold camp (Shwe Yin Soet)
  9. Gold Camp (Shwe Yin Thar)
  10. Dutch Creek Station (Kadat Chuang)
  11. New Camp (Thit Cha Pin)
  12. Falls camp (Yadagon)
  13. Gyway station ( Tiger Scare)
  14. Dick crammed camp (Betel Nut Ravine)
  15. Bottom Rock Mat
  16. He saw Camp (Myindaw Hmu)
  17. Narrowest Station (Yay Myaung Gyi)
  18. Pan Ma Tuang Camp
  19. Mahar Myaing Station
  20. Three Betel Plant Camp
  21. Storage Station (Htain Pin)
  22. Mango Tree Camp
  23. Boe Pyan camp (Old man Return)
  24. Bant Bway camp
  25. Brown Eugenia station
  26. Lump of stone sculpture camp
  27. Upper chunk of stone sculpture camp
  28. Above Rock map champ
  29. Four Station Camp
  30. Dragon Mountain
  31. Pan Tin Camp
  32. Thesr Emerald Pagoda
  33. Cold Station (Shwe Yin Aye)
  34. Camp rock sampan
  35. Golden Palace Camp
  36. The water tank base
  37. Kyaik Thi Yo or Platform of Kyaik Hti Yo Pagoa

Third way is using the litter, two cooly will take you with litter. Mostly visitors are taking this service at the Yathae Mountain (It is the transit gate and far only 3 mountains to the peak)
The second highlight is its structure
The golden rock is about 7.3-meter (24ft) height and sits on the natural rock platform. The pagoda was built on those golden rock. The golden rock and the platform are resting independent each other. overhang of half its length and is perched at the extreme end of the sloping surface of the rock.
So, we would like to suggest that if you have a plan to go to Myanmar whether Business or travel, you should go to visit and learn about the amazing of it.

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