Royal Tiger Lady (Tawwin Thazin Flower)

Hello dear, would you love Tiger Lady Flower?
Today, I would like to present about Royal Tiger Lady (Tawwin Thazin Flower). This is one of the Royal Flowers in Myanmar. Tiger Lady Flower bloom just one time in the cool season of a year. Tiger Lady Flower bloom in November, December, January and February. We can see Tiger Lady flower not only in Myanmar but also see in Indochina, Indonesia , Sumatra and Java. The Botanical Name of Tiger Lady flower is “Bulbophyllum auricomum” and that is one of the Orchid Species.

Everyone so much like the Tiger Lady Flower because of Tiger Lady Flower has not only pleasant beauty but also sweet smell. Therefore, people recognize that Tiger Lady have both beauty and quality. Tiger Lady flower bloom at clear place, so people point out the status of Tiger Lady flower that “PanMyatThazin (Thazin Nobel Flower)” , “TawWinThazin (Royal Tiger Lady)” , “Shwe Thazin (Golden Thazin)”.
People use as Royal Palace Flower when the ancient because of Tiger Lady flower rarely bloom just one time a year. Now a day, Tiger Lady Flower was referred to by the status of standard lady. There are four color of Tiger Lady flowers

1.White color Tiger Lady flowers
2.Yellow color Tiger Lady flowers
3.Red color Tiger Lady flowers
4.Black color Tiger Lady flowers
Red color Tiger Lady flowers and Black color Tiger Lady flowers are extremely rare and we know that they are herb flowers. Black color Tiger Lady flowers from tuber. Although Tiger Lady flowers bloom only natural when the last many year ago, now a day we can get Tiger Lady flower from the tuber breed.
The Tiger Lady flower is one sign of the Rakhine race (name of one of the national groups of the Union of Myanmar) for national affairs. So Rakhine people cast the figure of Tiger Lady flowers on the coin.

Nowadays most of Myanmar Lady adorn the Tiger Lady flowers on their hair-knot at Convocation for the conferring of degree and Wedding as the status of Standard.

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