U Thant – One of the valuable star in UN

We would like to share about the star, his name is U Thant and Burmese diplomat. He worked at the United Nations as Secretary-General at third time from 1961 to 1971. One of the world record persons for three time at United Nations.
He was born on 22 January 1909 at Pantanaw village of Ayeyarwaddy Division which is the delta area of Myanmar. He had three siblings, those of all are male and he is the oldest one. He studied at U Ba Han’s School and attend the high school at Pantanaw BEHS.

In 1962, he passed the matriculation examination and attend the university at Yangon. After that he come back to his native town (Pantanaw) and worked as high school teacher and journalist. In 1931, he become as the principle of Pantanaw National High School.
When he was 26 years old, he married with Daw Thein Tin. In 1954, he became the Secretary of Chief Minister Officer U Nu. In 1957 he became a permanent diplomat of United Nations and in 1961 he became the Secretary-General.

When he worked in UN, he had solved many cases, among of those case, here are the dangerous case and famous case for us.
Cuban Missile Crisis, War in Congo, Arab–Israeli conflict and Vietnam War. Those are the famous.
He got many Awards, honors, and memorials within 1949 to 1961 from UN, international and mother country Myanmar.

He had very kind person, although he was also be decisive person. He stays with cool when his out of duty by reading and take meditation.
He felt lung cancer and he died on Nov 4 of 1974 at the hospital of New York. After he died, the conflict between university students and military government for his grave. According the university students and many people wishes, his grave built at Kandawmin Garden Mausolea, Yangon, Myanmar.
He was one of the best Secretary-General of UN, one of person who prevent for the war, who is one of the honor arable person for Myanmar.

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