volcano Mount Popa that OASIA of Tropical Region

According to geological experts, Mt.Popa has grown since last 15 millions years ago. That is type of volcano was exploded in 442 BC. People believe that the ancient stone era people live there because it is border with Anyathian Culture regions such Yananchaung and Chauk. Popa is come from Pali Language and its means the floral. It was located in Kyauk Pa Daung city of Mandalay Region and about 49 square feet mile. Mt.Popa has six name, there are
1) flat topped hill (Taung Kalat in Burmese name)
2) Dragon Spin Mountain ( Nagar Yit Mountain in Burmese
3) Give Floral ( Pan Pay Mountain in Burmese)
4) Bazargam Mountain
5) Wanna Yatkha Mountain
6) Waitzar Dayana Mountain

The height of Mt.Popa is (4981 feet) and its flat topped is 2417 height. It slightly lower in the west of the south and a little height in south, west and east.
Some people known while talk about the Mt.Popa, they only known about the flat topped. Actually Mt.Popa not only mountain peak, but also Paddy Mountain (Sabar pon Mountain), Well Mountain (Yaydwin Mountain), Maung Taung Ngyoketo Mountain, Laboe Mountain, Mirror Mountain, Medical Flower Mountain, Diamond Mountain, Malar Mountain, Kinmon Mountain such as many mountain.
The crater is about half a mile wide and it was precipice 2000 feet to 3000 feet depth. It was called as Chonematwin precipice. Into the precipice, the water fountains and wild pig are staying there.

In this Mount Popa’s area has about 200 naturals water fountains, that why people called Mount. Popa as the OASIS of tropical zone. There has species of medicinal plants has approximately 350- orchid herbal learn about forty. Mount Popa is the popular tourist destination for ECO Tourism.
You can see the 130 species of beautiful bird included local birds and foreign birds. Local birds approximately 70 foreign birds are estimated to be more than 30.
There are 10 butterfly species in the world and 17500 types. In Myanmar has butterfly species 9 and 1004 types. The world butterfly species 6 species find in Myanmar.
Traditional local people believed that Mount Popa is represent for the Nat (Sprit) and held the festival of traditional Spirit in every year.

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