Why should you ride Bagan Ballooning?

If you like the risk feeling, we recommend you to ride the Ballooning in Bagan.
Why Bagan?
Bagan is one of the UNECO world hesitate place in 2019 and it is located in country of Myanmar and it is also the ancient city of Myanmar. Most of tourist attention to Bagan in this 2019.
You will get two benefits by rising, the first you will get unexpected amazing feeling on the sky and the second is you will see the wonderful and amazing beautiful sense of the whole city of Bagan.

Do not afraid for ballooning team because from the pilot till to crews are well trained with international and local experts. The experiential pilots are well taking care on the whole tour sighting trip.
You can see the work of crew who are preparing and filling the gas to the ballooning.
When will start the air hot ballooning sightseeing tour?
Morning time is the best to recommend. They ballooning agency have to pick up to your hotel and drop off to hotel with free of charges.
The agency will serve for the light breakfast before starting the tour.
The expert pilot (foreigner) will train the team about the safety briefing and champagne celebration after landing.
The flight photography service included.

How do you feel on the hot air ballooning flight?
At the starting of ballooning flying, you may be feeling dizzy because of excited feeling and afraid. When you are on the sky, you can get the pure fresh. The sunrise view and the thousands of temples spread in the Bagan valley.
The tour period is about 45 minutes. One of the good news for couple, there have couple tour package with romantic and unforgettable memories.
Normal season for air ballooning season starts from October to December.
There are four main hot air ballooning service in Bagan.
That why we would like to suggest you, if you are visit to Bagan
Don’t miss to ride the hot air ballooning in Bagan

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